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Hi Jerry:

The text of the letter I am putting in the mail to you is below. Susan, please let the other agents in your office know how great GP Air was to work with. Especially thank the agent who suggested him to you.

Thanks again,


October 16, 2011

Dear Jerry:

Thank you for all your work to rid my friend’s home of cigarette smoke odor. I guess we will never know why her home ended up being such a tough case. Regardless, I so appreciate your commitment to getting it right, to the point of standing behind your work until the bonafide buyer was satisfied and willing to sign off on the inspection contingency. I still contend that after the first treatment of the vacant home, all that was really needed was for another family to move in and occupy the house with new smells. But I was the seller and not the buyer, and I do understand how this perspective difference can affect concerns and sensitivities. Suffice it to say, the home is now sold, and I am very relieved and grateful.

I would like to add that your willingness to return to Bainbridge Island with all your equipment to do a second treatment at significant expense to GP Air is a testament to your strong sense of fairness and ethics in doing business. In the future, when I can look back on the large responsibility of handling the affairs of a much-loved friend, you will be one of the people I will remember who helped to ease my load by doing what you do well and standing behind what you do 100%. Please accept my deep appreciation and share this written recommendation freely to support your fine work in the future.


Liz McKinney, Personal Representative                                                                               Estate of JAF

cc: Susan Burris, Windermere Real Estate, Bainbridge Island


To Whom It May Concern:

We can’t possibly say enough about the professionalism and quality of work that Jerry Young exhibited in helping us to purify our home.
When he arrived, frankly we were overwrought with frustration and despair over the incredible mess that had been left by the previous owners and their pets. It was nearly impossible to be in the home due to the overwhelming odors.
Jerry was extremely helpful and hopeful and came back many times to be sure that he resolved and removed all of the different problems we found. He gave us excellent advice and support and we might not have been able to occupy the home at all if it hadn’t been for his wonderful work.
We can’t recommend him highly enough.
David Matthews and Wendy ZieveShoreline, WA


March 15, 2011
Dear Jerry,
Your Ozone treatment of our house was the miracle cure I had been searching for.  After almost two years of battling an inexplicable onset of allergic reactions to what doctors said was a severe reaction to dust mites, the ozone was the fix. I only wish I had known before the weekly allergy shots, countless sinus infections and antibiotics, nasal sprays & sinus surgery. Your service cost a fraction of all that medical treatment. Everybody I know has been saying, “your eyes look so much better, what did you do?” I give them your name and number and tell them you have to do this.
Aaron Weholt 

Not long ago I purchased a home built in 1901. As charmed as I was with the home’s character, I was concerned with the overall health of the household and the indoor air quality, which could have effects on me or my children’s health.

My concerns centered on not only the fear of black mold, but the terrible, wretched smell that permeated throughout the home. The previous occupant owned a very old dog and several cats. The animals stayed indoors the majority of the time and were allowed to defecate in the home.

After contacting Jerry Young of GP Air Restoration, I felt assured that he could not only set aside my fears of black mold, but eliminate the odors, fleas, dander, and dust mites. Mr. Young conducted his unique treatment process professionally and courteously.

Upon returning to our home, the kids and I were thrilled to be greeted to an environment that didn’t require us to breathe through a mask. I was most worried about my son who has severe cat allergies. Much to our pleasure, he showed no signs of his typical reactions. It has been six months and we are still enjoying the results of our cleaner indoor air.

Thank you Jerry!
Carrie T. - Mukilteo,WA

Krey Chiropractic
19011 Woodinville - Snohomish Road
Woodinville, WA 98072-8419
Phone: (425) 892-4476
October 30, 2003

Gerald Young
Medallion Healthy Homes


I can't thank you enough for the gift of clean air you have given to our family. As a result of the ozone treatment of our home we have definitely been healthier. My wife had been getting sinus congestion in the morning that we attributed to mild seasonal allergies. It turns out that it was dust mites… or even worse, dust mite feces. If there is anything we can do without, it's dust mite feces! Not only did you help rid our home of harmful, toxic pathogens, you treated it with respect and gave us service that showed you really care. I sleep better at night too, knowing that my two kids are not breathing in mold spores and/or mycotoxins.
I endorse your Ozone Shock Therapy and think that everyone that lives indoors should consider having you treat their home. As a chiropractor I am always looking for vitalistic answers to every-day problems. In my practice, I have learned that although the human body is extremely resilient and able to heal, there are stressors that can interfere with this process. The natural expression of the human body works best when not interfered with. This means you must have the four essentials to health and life which are:
1. Air
2. Food
3. Water
4. Nerve Supply
If you decrease the amount or quality of any of the above four, you LOWER YOUR HEALTH POTENTIAL. Indoor air pollution is a huge source of chemical stress on the human body and should be a consideration for anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.
Yours in Life and Health,

T. Benjamin Krey, D.C.

Thank you for a job well done! It was real luck when I first contacted you. You have helped in so many ways. You virtually held my hand through what felt like an overwhelming disaster to me. I very much appreciate everything you and Pam have done to help me—especially all that was beyond the scope of your business…It is a very rare experience these days.
Kathy S. –Edmonds, WA


Hi Jerry,
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how pleased Michele and I are with the results of your home ozonation service. There was an immediate difference in the air-quality of our home, which certainly pleased my odor sensitive wife (the joys of pregnancy). We were very impressed with the care you took to evaluate the air of our home, locate the source of the odors and devise a suitable treatment. The whole ozonation process was done in a very timely manner, with no interruption to our daily lifestyle.
All in all, we are very satisfied customers. We will certainly recommend your services to our friends and coworkers. In fact, I have already done so.
David Mark Nelson
Bothell, WA


“I have very severe asthma and have been hospitalized many times for it. During a stay at my sister’s house in Washington, my husband and I stayed in the guest room where they kept scented candles and potpourri in the room along with some that were stored in the closet. 
The fragrance was very strong, so we removed all of them before we went to bed. I had a lot of trouble breathing during the night. By morning, I literally had to run out of the house to breathe! I couldn’t go back into the house and had to use my nebulizer every hour for most of the day. 
My brother-in-law (Jerry Young) put his ozone machine in the room for treatment, aired it out, and asked me to try again. I was very skeptical and afraid of another severe attack, which would have definitely required hospitalization. Now, there was a somewhat unpleasant and different smell in the room, but I had no reaction to it. I slept just fine that night and had absolutely no asthmatic symptoms whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it!! I wish I could ozone my whole house, but we live in Michigan and there isn’t a company like Jerry’s available. I think this treatment could be a miracle for others like me with asthma, allergies or many other conditions. 
I would recommend GP Air Restoration and their UV ozone treatment to anyone!”
Debbie Wyckhuys – Romeo, MI


Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
"Great services"  
Martha R. - Everett, WA


Customer Rating: 5 stars
"I had 8 different people come in and estimate my home as to what needed to be done to get rid of the mold and what caused it along with other "smells" in my home that no one could identify. GP Air identified the other "smells" and told me what I needed to do to get it resolved & then also fixed my roof & removed my mold. I had other co's trying to get 10's of thousands of dollars to resolve things that weren't needed. I hadn't lived in my home for 2 months prior to GP Air coming out & treating the mold and now I am happy to say I am back living in my home without getting sick by morning."    
Debbie L. - Bonney Lake, WA


Customer Rating: 5 stars

"Gerry is very thorough and professional. I would recommend him to other people."  
 Irene C. - Auburn, WA


 Customer Rating: 5 stars  

 "All was good and I think it took care of our problem" - Seattle, WA


 Customer Rating: 5 stars  

 "Gerald was very thorough. We have several areas with mold caused by different things. He found things we didn't know about, and told us how to fix them, mostly pretty easy fixes, but we wouldn't have known without his help. I would recommend him and would have him back if needed, without a doubt."  
Molly Q. - Everett, WA


Customer Rating:
 5 stars 

"Gerry from GP Air Restoration was exceptional. He was professional, personable, and did excellent work. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."  
Jack E. - Stanwood, WA


 Customer Rating: 5 stars  

"Knowledgeable, respectful, very high of integrity and experience. He is also very dependable." 
Issaquah, WA


Customer Rating: 5 stars

"Gerald was prompt and professional. His estimate was accurate, and his investigation into the problem was thorough."  
Christopher P. - Renton, WA


 Customer Rating: 4 stars  

"I was very pleased with the service from the first phone call throughout the entire process...he was prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from this experience and won't hesitate to use GP Air Restoration again.    
Seattle, WA