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Mold Inspections
If You Even Think You May Have A Mold Issue...
Sometimes All You Need Is The Assurance That You Do Not!

Gerald Young, owner and certified microbial investigator from several accredited organizations, offers two different levels of inspection depending upon your situation.  

Jerry’s expertise as a general contractor and microbial investigator will provide you with the knowledge you need to make important decisions and move forward.

Please call for pricing. We are in Lynnwood, WA and cover all of Snohomish and King Counties

  • A visual inspection of the indoor environment will be performed by the technician to look for all possible points of water intrusion of the home as well as humidity checks.
  • An assessment of odors will be done by pinpointing the exact location and/or source and a treatment process will be discussed for each situation.
  • The technician will make recommendations for necessary repairs, if any.
Note: If a mold like substance is suspected, a more comprehensive survey is recommended.

  • This survey would include indoor air quality sampling with one or some of the following (depending on the situation).
    • Air Samples
    • Swab Test
    • Settle Plate
    • Tape Lift
    • VOC Sampling (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Identification and analysis, as well as a report will be provided by EmLab P&K Laboratories (accredited laboratory).

Note:  Should it be necessary to collect air samples, it is mandatory that two be taken.  The first sample is taken outdoors to be used as a baseline to identify what molds and amounts are common in your area.  The second is taken in the most suspect area of concern.