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IAQ Assessments
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment/Survey

As stated by Harriet A. Burge - Bioaerosols: Prevalence and Health Effects in the Indoor Environment.” Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 1990; 86:687-704.

Biological agents in indoor air are known to cause three types of human disease: infections, where pathogens invade human tissues; hypersensitivity diseases, where specific activation of the immune system causes disease; and toxicosis, where biologically produced chemical toxins cause direct toxic effects. In addition, exposure to conditions conducive to biological contamination (e.g., dampness, water damage) has been related to nonspecific upper and lower respiratory symptoms. Evidence is available that shows that some episodes of the group of nonspecific symptoms known as “sick building syndrome” may be related to microbial contamination in buildings.

This is a non-intrusive survey of your home to determine if there are any water intrusion issues that could lead to mold growth and damage to your home and/or health. 

Gerald Young, CMI, CRMI will use his twelve years of expertise to determine if there is a need for concern without drilling into walls.  Should there be areas of concern he will advise you on the proper course of action, which in some cases might include air sampling procedures (additional cost).

Are you trying to sell your home?  Well the "nose knows" and when prospective buyers walk into your home they may smell your beloved pet or your extreme cooking methods that will turn them right back out the door they came in. Don't risk losing a sale because of odors!

When we live with certain odors we just don't notice them anymore, which is why it is wise to get a professional opinion.  Perhaps your real estate agent has mentioned there are odors that should be addressed.  Don't be offended, most homes have odors...the thing is...we are all use to our own, but no one else wants to smell them or buy them. 

You can also provide prospective buyers with the report of an IAQ Assessment and the laboratory analysis from collected air samples that will allay any fears they might have regarding a place they want to purchase.

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