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The products we offer are manufactured by Air Testing & Design, Inc. and are made here in the USA.  We began our Indoor Air Quality business in February of 2001 and wouldn't think of using any other kind of equipment for our specialty services.  The Ultraviolet clean ozone and germicidal equipment we use in our business and sell as manufacturer representatives for Air Testing & Design, Inc. is second to none.  Other countries and companies have tried to reverse engineer our products to no avail. 
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You can rest assured that any purchase of clean ozone or germicidal equipment through us will be superior with lasting endurance.

Whole House In-duct Sanitizers - These units are sold based on the dimension of your ventilation system.  We have 1, 2 and 3 lamp configurations for maximum coverage, based on your specifications. These are outstanding and customizable compared to those being offered by more familiar companies, which means greater coverage for better efficacy. NOTE: There is an installation fee of $150.

Single DU     14' - 20" lamps    
Double DU    14" - 20" lamps    
Triple DU      14" - 20" lamps     

Car Sanitizers - Specifically designed for the automotive industry.  If you're a dealer and you aren't offering sanitizing services, you should be.

Model  - 5-14 Hybrid Auto Sanitizer
Model  - Double U Hybrid Auto Sanitizer

Perfect Fit Packages - Please see the information by clicking on Careers (above).

The number of products we have available is astounding whether you are a remediator, car dealer, HVAC professional or average Joe or Jane.  Whatever your needs are we can assist you in your purchase knowing that you will be 100% satisfied.

Our models range from having one lamp to as many as 20 lamps to accomodate every professional industry in order to satisfy the consumer's needs for clean air.

Please call or email us for a price quote or for any other questions/requests you may have.